Fibromyalgia: pain and fatigue treat with TENS?

Fibromyalgia causes pain, fatigue, reduces the daily functioning and burdens the quality of life of the patient. Despite few available clinical studies, one can say that TENS treatment appears to be effective for many patients with fibromyalgia.

TENS is a treatment in which nerves are stimulated using small, gentle electrical currents. TENS is a treatment method familiar to patients with chronic pain, but less to Fybromyalgiepatients.

There are few direct-described side effects. However there are some important issues and circumstances in which the use of TENS is to be discouraged.

In the accompanying document about fibromyalgia and TENS following issues are covered:

  • The working mechanism of TENS
  • Important considerations for treatment
  • Conditions that discourage the use of TENS
  • Results of recent clinical trials
  • A doctor medical specialist – himself fibromyalgia patient – testifies…

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